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  • The Shepherd Beguiled

    The Brunton, Musselburgh

    Sat 3rd Sep     7.30pm

    THE Shepherd Beguiled Edinburgh Fringe 2016- Theatre Alba

    The Shepherd Beguiled

    by Netta Blair Reid

    Directed by Charles Nowosielski
    Musical Director Richard Cherns

    This fine play is a prime example of a great era in Scottish writing – the 1950/60s. This beautifully crafted drama launched Alba’s unique style in 1982 with interpretative movement and live original music.

    The play tells the story of Reverend Robert Kirk, author of The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies, born 1641 and died – or disappeared – from the world in 1692.

    Following his funeral, his form appeared to a kinsman to inform him that he was not dead but held captive in Fairyland.

    From a 1982 Review ” …uncanny and fascinating”

    Angus and Isabel



    The Shepherd Beguiled

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