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  • The Magic Quest : 28th Jul-10th Aug 2.30pm (1h)

    “… so desperate to find the next clue, the children are practically standing on the actors’ feet”
    **** THE  SCOTSMAN ( 2004)

    Performed in Edinburgh’s most beautiful venue for Theatre Alba’s Scottish season.

    Audience review 2014

    “Harriet Busby

    Congratulations on blasting us away with another braw show for bairns in ‘The Magic Quest’. Beautiful Duddingston Kirk gardens are breath of fresh air, away from the fusty broom cupboards in town. The story, songs and setting keep us all, young and old, totally enthralled. I wish every child visiting the festival could see your show for a slice of guid Scots drama that they’d surely remember forever.”

    Follow the actors

    Tumshie and the Trout - The Magic QuestA spellbinding quest-styled outdoor theatre show for children, families and the young at heart: The Magic Quest, written and directed by Clunie MacKenzie with music composed by celebrated musician and composer John Sampson (The Princess Blankets with Carol Ann Duffy, CATS Music Nominee 2013).

    The elves need help to save their beautiful land from the evil goblins.  Can the audience help? Of course they can –  every man woman and child is desperate to lend a hand.

    So the Quest begins,  in a colourful noisy musical parade searching for the only creature who knows the secret to defeat the goblins – the ” Draigon o’ Duddingston”.  

    As the story, told in simple Scots, unfolds, the actors stop  in lovely clearings and the audience can take a seat to watch the next episode unfold.

    wutchord-the-muckleMore songs, laughter and weird characters emerge, like the talking trout and a muckle bad-tempered ogre  as they  follow the cast around the winding paths, under the towering trees and through mysterious  gateways. Children have been known to ask, wide-eyed,  ” Is this a real jungle?”.

    Perfect Summer Treat

    Engaging entertainment for young and old,  this is a wonderful inventive mix of storytelling, music and theatrical ingenuity.

    Helping the elves find the draigon and saving their land from the goblins is the perfect summer treat for all the family! Dress for the Weather!
    (As this is a promenade performance – some areas are not suited to wheelchair use.)

    Facebook Review from Lesley Mair 5 August.
    “Just been to Magic Quest In Duddingston manse gardens with Phoebe and Lydia. Nearly 90 mins of adventure and music in the Scots tongue for ages 4-10, although I have to say it was fun for grandmas too!! …. It’s just fab, the weans loved it!!
    Highly recommended! *****

    frankPrevious review quotes
    “Hidden away beside Arthur’s Seat is a gem of a kids’ show waiting to be discovered. ” ****

    “It’s slightly off the beaten track, but this show is well worth the trip, for the drama, danger and ‘Draigons’ along the way.”  ****

    ” Using simple Scots throughout, the cast soon have us singing about bricht flooers and auld mither naiture as if born to it. Fresh air and fairy tales make a winning combination.” ****

    Dates: 28th July-10th Aug
    Times: 2.30pm (1h)
    Prices: £6

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    Fringe Box Office 0131 226 0000

    Enjoy this video clip from a previous Production.

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