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  • The Good Doctor

    By Neil Simon

    Directed by Corinne Harris     

    Four Star review Edinburgh Fringe 2015Four Star review Edinburgh Fringe 2015Four Star review Edinburgh Fringe 2015Four Star review Edinburgh Fringe 2015

    11826057_854683161291660_939064034564923252_nThis extrordinary work, ‘The Good Doctor’ by the famous New Yorker immediately displays not only his much celebrated and proven wit but his utter reverence for the brilliant Russian, Anton Chekhov.

    Chekhov wrote over 50 stories in a fifteen year period from 1888 through which time he tried to provide for his adored mother and put himself through medical college, both of which he achieved.

    Alongside his short plays they became his chief claim to world pre-eminence and his main testimony as writer.

    Neil Simon is obviously as much of a Chekhophile as is Theatre Alba.  Simon takes 10 short stories by his hero, and dramatises them in the inimitable style that has become Simon’s own.


    Edfringereview:  4/5 21 Aug.

    “An evening at Duddingston was nothing like anything else I’ve experienced at the fringe this year: a must for anyone yearning for an escape from the heaving city.
    Holly Harper

    “…These gems were brought to life by an incredibly talented cast, who all seemed to possess an extremely sensitive understanding of Simon’s script and the varying moods each story required. Especially memorable were Marcus Macleod’s effortless shapeshift from likeable writer to predatory seducer extraordinaire, Alan Ireby and Michael Cook as a green young dentist and his blustering client, and Kirsten Maguire’s heartfelt monologue.” … Poppy McLean



    Audience Review: Edfringe Website
    “…First rate evening; great value for money. Loved the setting, and the individual stories were beautifully realised. Strong performances from all the actors.”

    There is definitely no better way to introduce Checkhov than through this hysterical yet poignant play..

    The Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh

    4 September 2015