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  • Something Unspoken


    Something Unspoken -Tennessee Williams - Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Something Unspoken

    by Tennessee Williams
    Directed by Keith Hutcheon

    A cultural product of the McCarthy era, ‘Something Unspoken’ touches on the struggle to pry open a private closet between two very different women.

    Rich, powerful Cornelia, a prominent member of the southern society and, Grace, her ‘sly little secretary’.
    The socially unacceptable truth about their relationship is not only unspeakable but almost, unthinkable.

    …Tennessee Williams’ ‘Something Unspoken’ upholds the silence of the closet yet screams out volumes…

    Aug 11-15 & Aug 18 -22

    review starsListed as ” Double Bill”  (4.00 pm) in the Fringe Brochure and Edfringe Website. You will need a ticket for ” Double Bill”.
    Tickets also at the venue.
    Showing after “ Smoking Is Bad For You

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    ( Left) Kirsten Maguire  –  Cordelia            Suzanne Dance – Grace