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  • Smoking is Bad for You


    “… Alan Ireby’s performance is what really brings it to life. He absolutely looks the part, sunken and beaten in decidedly outdated fashion, and he twitches and jerks his body in an absolutely believable expression of chronic nerves.”     – Broadway Baby Review

    Alan Ireby in Smoking is Bad For You Edinburgh Fringe 2015

    Alan Ireby as Ivan NyukhinBy Anton Chekhov

    Directed by Andrea McKenzie

    Starring Alan Ireby

    The funniest play about broken dreams you are ever likely to see! A miserable Welshman has one job – to give a lecture on the harmful effects of tobacco – but will he fail at that too?

    Time is ticking away like a broken clock – and a life of hard work and hard luck has taken its toll. His wife thinks he’s an imbecile, all he wants is a little peace, but first he must deliver this blasted lecture! A comic play about the danger of getting stuck in a miserable situation.

    “Once I was young and clever and went to college. I had dreams and I felt like a human being.”

    Arguably both Chekhov’s first and last play, written in 1886, revised by him in 1902, now brought right up to date by Andrea McKenzie’s direction of this Theatre Alba production.

    Hilarious and deeply touching…

    Aug 11-15  & Aug 18-22 – 4.00 pm

    In the Marquee – covered seated area. Show is at 4.00 pm before ” Something Unspoken” by Tennessee WilliamsYou will need a ticket for “Double Bill” as listed on the Fringe brochure and Edfringe Website .

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