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    Garden O’ Delight 2013

    The 2013 Children’s Show

    Garden O’ Delight   –  Jul 29 – Aug 11  –  2.30pm (1hr)  – Venue 121 – Duddingston Kirk Manse Gardens

    Written and Directed by Clunie Mackenzie
    Original Music & Songs by John Sampson

    Edfringe Children's show 2013 Garden o' Delight

    The characters of Tumshie (Robert Williamson) and Heather Belle (Catriona Fraser) led the audience on an engaging trail through  the lovely  Dr. Neil’s Garden.

    Along their journey they play and sing original songs and music  by  celebrated musician John Sampson (The Big Picnic (BBC 2) and 2013 CATS  finalist ) to joyous effect.

    Charmingly, they convinced  the audience to save the planet from destruction and  met many weird characters, like the water-spouting kelpie,  to assist them along their way!



    Reviews 2013

    The List ***** (Five Stars – audience review)

    ” Our first time at the Edinburgh Fringe with kids. What a wonderful theater experience and such a pretty place. My 2 kids 6 and 10 adored it. I’ve never seen them so excited. They laughed, sang and got mad as they really got into the story. The actors were wonderful as all the characters were so believable and the bear managed to show so much emotion from inside a costume. The comical character who played the guitar and sang so well was really expert at leading everyone through the different scenes around the gardens. Magical. We all left determined to save the planet and the kids wanted to see it again!

    Only downside was the bus took about 10 minutes longer than we expected so we nearly missed the start. Leave plenty time and go early.

    2013 Edfringe Reviews -3
    Garden O’ Delight
    …it is an ideal afternoon spent with your children outdoors. With a wide range of interactive fun, the magic of this adventure is not only brought to you by the scenic venue, but also the cast, which with big smiles and unstoppable energy, present this imagined reality in a way which is almost believable, even in the eyes of adults…

    …the staging often took clever advantage of the garden’s natural features. The best example was the entrance of the “water kelpie,” for which the audience was led to the edge of the loch that the garden overlooks as the kelpie clamoured out of the reedy shallows and issued a great spout of water from his mouth….

    ABOUT CLUNIE MACKENZIE – Worked as an actor in Scotland for over 30 years with numerous theatre companies and on Television, film and Radio. As an actor, writer and director has worked with Theatre Alba since 1981.

    For the last seven years has written and directed promenade plays for children, with a professional cast, for the company at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Duddingston, and at Auchindrain in Argyll.

    ABOUT JOHN SAMPSON – John A Sampson is an Edinburgh-based professional musician, composer and actor. A well known and loved performer on the UK music scene for nearly thirty years and a respected actor for almost as long, he has also appeared extensively on the continent, particularly in Germany where his accomplished brand of musical comedy and cabaret is held in great affection, and his classical and jazz performance skills are highly regarded.

    John has been shortlisted by the CRITICS’ AWARDS FOR THEATRE IN SCOTLAND in the category Best Music and Sound, for his work in A Taste of Honey, for the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, Edinburgh.

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