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  • Andrea Mackenzie and Amy Conway in Baba Yaga

    Past Production – Baba Yaga 2015

    Fringe2015-Baba-Yaga-webOutdoor Family Show
    In the Garden 


    Based on the well-loved Russian folktale Baba Yaga and the Girl with The Kind Heart, this delightful show for children aged 4-11 and their families has live music, singing and challenges that the audience need to help with.

    Anya’s stepmother sends her to the woods and the house of Baba Yaga on an errand.  The trouble is Baba Yaga likes to eat children.

    When she reaches Bab Yaga’s house she is captured and set to work, with a promise she will be eaten come dinnertime.  But the animals have a different idea…

    A magical experience and heartwarming story of how good can overcome evil.

    Thanks to all the children and their families who helped Anya to escape from Baba Yaga !

    The Times Education Supplement said of a previous production in 2011

    “…the children are encouraged to search through trees and bushes to look for things that will help Anya on her quest – a large bone, a jar of cream and a magic red ribbon, among other hidden objects.


    These are seized with delight by eager hands and delivered to Anya and the wandering minstrel who accompanies us to the witch’s den aided by a mouse called Moosiekins, a cat called Meeowshka and the floppiest guard dog you will ever meet, who goes by the name of Barkofski.


    This is a colourful, comical, musical and magical journey which enthrals the young audience at every point and is a pleasure for any parent or adult to witness...”


    Ticket Holders for the Baba Yaga show were able to view around 30 enchanting paintings by primary school children at the Millar Hall in the show venue.  From a competition organised by the Scottish Russian Forum. MORE..

    starsstarsstars  Four Star Review – All Edinburgh Theatrestars

    Mon 3- Sun 16 August
    Time: 2.30 ( 1 hr )


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