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    Four Star Reviews for Double Bill


    Double Bill
    Something Unspoken and Smoking is Bad For You

    Two great reviews from Broadway Baby and and AllEdinburghTheatre

    Smoking is Bad for You
    “Alan Ireby’s performance is what really brings it to life. …His voice twitches in much the same way, shooting up to accent his most nervous moment. Even his moments of revolt are but twitches to be quickly beaten down.”
    Broadway Baby

    ” Ireby delivers a commanding and engaging performance in Smoking is Bad for you as the lecturer. The play’s subtle comedy is conveyed by Ireby, who uses verbal tics and twitches to subtly illuminate the viewer to the lecturer’s depressing situation.”
    – AllEdinburghTheatre

    Something Unspoken

    “…Kirsten Maguire handles the widow Cornelia with scene-stealing aplomb. Her distinguished air, false kindness and authoritarian steel blend into a perfect representation of an entire class, which makes the hints of her unorthodox (for the time) sexuality even more interesting.”
    – Broadway Baby

    ” …The play lives or dies on the chemistry between the two actors, and in this the production lives. The two character feel real and so does their relationship.”
    – AllEdinburghTheatre

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