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    Edfringereviewreview starsreview starsreview starsreview stars
    **** Four Stars –  Holly Harper
    *** Three Stars – Polly McLean

    The Good Doctor
    …but it is safe to say that the charm of Theatre Alba’s idyllic production of Neil Simon’s play is wonderfully refreshing.

    …An evening at Duddingston was nothing like anything else I’ve experienced at the fringe this year: a must for anyone yearning for an escape from the heaving city.

    Broadway Baby review starsreview starsreview starsreview stars
    **** Four Stars, 2015,  Bennett Bonci

    Double Bill
    Something Unspoken
    …The story of a widowed socialite and her English secretary struggling with the knowledge of their latent sexual tension couldn’t be more different from the first half of the show. But it, too, is a treat…

    Smoking is Bad for You
    Alan Ireby’s performance is what really brings it to life. He absolutely looks the part, sunken and beaten in decidedly outdated fashion, and he twitches and jerks his body in an absolutely believable expression of chronic nerves.

    The Scotsman review starsreview starsreview starsreview stars
    **** Four Stars,  2011 , Joyce McMillan

    The Cherry Orchard
    ….it’s hard not to be seduced by the special charm of Theatre Alba’s beautiful new version of Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard, with a new text by leading Scottish playwright Jo Clifford, fine live music from a three-piece band led by Richard Cherns, and a gloriously appropriate setting, for this of all plays,  in the kirk garden that slopes down to Duddingston Loch, just behind Arthur’s Seat.

    Three Weeks review starsreview starsreview starsreview starsreview stars
    ***** Five Stars, Sunday 21 August 2011, James Chew

    Chekhov Shorts
    Frankly, it’s worth going for the location alone. Situated in the heartbreakingly gorgeous gardens of Duddingston Kirk, the performance is lent an atmosphere of timelessness by its peaceful surroundings. Thankfully, the performance is as splendid as its setting: the show is an absolute firecracker; hysterically and consistently funny. Chekhov’s work is brought to life by four great actors. From the poor hen-pecked ‘imbecile’ to the delicious stand-off between a blustering ex-soldier and a furious upper-class lady, the piece is a master-class in character-acting. It’a good-humoured and beautifully acted, and you’ll be laughing all the way through this understated, brilliant performance. My only complaint is that it’s not longer – perfectly situated, perfectly acted, perfectly funny; ‘Chekhov Shorts’ is an absolute delight.

    The Edinburgh Reporter review starsreview starsreview starsreview stars
    ****Four Stars, 2012, Ronald Orr

    The Diary of Anne Frank

    ” Theatre Alba have a long tradition of performing classic stories, such as Chekhov, along with traditional Scots plays.  Like Communicado and 7:84 the feeling is of a company by the people of Scotland for the people of Scotland, and their commitment to serious drama is evident.  This is a company to be cherished and this production is a particular success.”