Bringing you real drama
in an exquisite setting.

  • painting by baba Yaga by Anna Turner Age 10

    Upcoming Children’s Show Fringe 2015

    Baba Yaga and the Girl With the Kind Heart

    by Clunie Mackenzie  Directed by Clunie Mackenzie
    Music and Songs Written by John Sampson

    Bringing back a great audience favourite from 2011

    “…children’s entertainment second to none ”

    Baba Yaga Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Theatre Alba

    The cast are glad of nice weather as they rehearse in the gardens at Duddingston Kirk Manse Gardens – Venue 121.

    for children ( Age 4 -11)  and families.

    Another exciting journey through Duddingston Kirk’s majestic gardens.

    Arthur’s Seat and the famous loch are the backdrop to this magical encounter with a witch, a cat, a dog and a mouse and a kind hearted girl who needs their help to escape . A promenade play for children and the young at heart.
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