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  • Three Wee Kings: Grandad's Cut

    Edinburgh Fringe 2017 – Three Wee Kings

    As a family show, Three Wee Kings: Grandad’s Cut intertwines drama, beautiful music and singing with gentle humour and slapstick comedy. The Primary Times publication got the measure f it in

    The Primary Times publication got the measure of it in their recent review.

    The story is essentially the traditional nativity story with a pantomime flavour.  It is entertaining both from a comedic point of view but also from watching good acting within beautiful surroundings – perfect venue for this production.

    Throughout the show there is organ music and beautiful singing from Maria and also some very amusing songs such as “Ye cannae shove wee Danny off the bus”, one about what you can buy with a diamond, the anti-Christmas song and Harold’s Lullaby.

    Harold, a grumpy ghoul-like caretaker (an excellent villain/Scooby Doo baddie), who wants to get the diamond (star), so he can become the richest man in the world.  He has a boofer, and uses it in a three stooges style.  In the end, he learns that by giving something to someone else for the first time will make him the richest man in the world.

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