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  • Duddingston Dr Neil's gardens - Venue-121 Edinburgh Fringe

    Baba Yaga and the Girl With the Kind Heart

    Rehearsals are under way for the Theatre Alba outdoor family show for the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe.

    baba yaga edinburgh fringe 2015 rehearsalsBased on an old  Russian folktale, one of many about the witch Baba Yaga, this promenade play has been adapted by Clunie Mackenzie to take the audience around the beautiful Dr. Neil’s Gardens. as scene after scene introduces new characters, music and songs to sing.

    Duddingston Dr Neil's gardens - Venue-121 Edinburgh Fringe

    Rehearsals for Baba Yaga

    For Ages 4-11 and the young at heart, come and be captivated by the music, the acting, the story. The gardens are a beautiful setting and an integral part of the story, which is set in a forest.

    A previous production received excellent reviews, so this is another chance to see something wonderful.