Theatre Alba sparkles
beguiles and touches your heart.

  • Leisure Acting Classes – Edinburgh – Midlothian

    Theatre Alba Acting Classes

    adult-leisure-actingclasses-edinburghSorry to advise that there are no plans to run Acting Classes in the Autumn/ Winter of 2016

    Have you wanted to try acting?
    Wondered what it was like to stand on a stage and perform in a play?

    Need something different in your life from your nine-to-five job, or daily routine?

    Then you are who we are looking for.

    If you are between age 18 and 80 you will receive a warm welcome.
    For some 20 years now, Theatre Alba, has run a very happy and successful Adult Leisure Drama Group on Wednesday evenings which is open to absolutely everyone from age 18-80.

    The company with it’s healthy mix of Professional and amateur actors re-forms annually to create 1 or 2 productions over a 6 month period.

    drama--acting-classes-edinburghActing skills are learned and developed by rehearsing with a professional director for an actual production.

    While it may only be for a bit of fun and recreation, the Leisure Company has attained a reputation for the production of plays to a very high standard in Edinburgh halls and venues and occasionally at the Edinburgh Fringe.